Author's tour throughout Uzbekistan

Tour "The Charm and Mystery of Ancient Cities"

Tour "Dive into the fabulous East"

Author's tour of Uzbekistan

Get impressed by Uzbekistan!

Pearl of Central Asia

Traveling to Uzbekistan is an immersion in history, culture, and nature that will leave an unforgettable impression on your memory. This is a country where every corner is imbued with the spirit of greatness and beauty. Get ready for exciting adventures and an expansion of your cultural horizons in amazing Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is a unique country that combines the novelty of the modern world with traditions. After all, it is in Uzbekistan that all historical monuments which tell about the rich and diverse culture of the country have preserved their original appearance to this day. Each tour reveals architectural masterpieces, including majestic mosques, madrasas, and mausoleums, which are located in cities such as Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand. You can also try traditional Uzbek pilaf and samsa, experience oriental hospitality, enjoy traditional dances and music, and take a walk through the narrow streets.

Thanks to the uniqueness of the route, each tour will leave its mark on your memory and heart. After all, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the real East and its history, travel through mountain passes, and enjoy the coolness of waterfalls and lakes in Uzbekistan. Feel the grandeur of nature and explore historical architectural sights.

Get impressed by Uzbekistan!
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Hello Alina!

I wanted to thank you for organizing the tour. We were simply impressed, simply amazing. You showed us a completely different Uzbekistan, with its own ancient history. You told us such vivid stories, I wanted to listen and listen. Thank you for your great and warm work. You are a super organizer.

Chekmareva Marina

Chekmareva Marina

"Alina, thank you very much for your work, care, and attention. I learned a lot of interesting things about Uzbekistan. I saw beautiful places, tasted very delicious and colorful cuisine, encountered wonderful people, enjoyed gorgeous weather, and admired the beautiful nature. I will advise all my friends to visit Uzbekistan."



"I would like to thank this company for staying in touch throughout the entire holiday and keeping in contact with us. Initially, we were fearful that something might go wrong and were quite worried about the trip since it was the first time we decided to use the services of this tour operator! But all our fears were in vain! They explained everything in great detail and showed us how to select everything according to our budget! Upon arrival, they called and asked how our holiday was. It's nice to receive such attention. Thank you very much again, we will now only turn to you!"



"Good afternoon! Once again, I had a wonderful vacation in beloved Tashkent. Thanks to your company, it was a great experience. I highly recommend everyone to only contact your agency. I have always been pleased with the organization and the friendly employees. I am planning a big tour of neighboring cities with you."

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Most countries require a visa to visit Uzbekistan. You can contact the nearest consulate or embassy of Uzbekistan in your country or use the electronic visa system (e-visa). It is recommended that you review the requirements in advance and apply for your visa well in advance.

The optimal time to visit Uzbekistan is spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). During these periods, the weather is usually pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold. Summer (June-August) can be hot, particularly in desert areas. In winter (December-February), temperatures can be low, especially in mountainous areas.

Uzbekistan is known for its rich national characteristics and cultural traditions. Hospitality is regarded as a fundamental value, and visitors are often greeted with warmth and friendliness. Uzbek cuisine is renowned for its delicious pilaf, somsa, manti, and other dishes. Traditional crafts such as ceramics, embroidery, carpet weaving, and jewelry making are also integral to the local culture.

Uzbekistan is generally considered a safe country for tourists. Local authorities prioritize ensuring the safety of both citizens and visitors. However, as with any other destination, it is advisable to take general precautions such as safeguarding valuables, exercising caution in public places, and adhering to traffic regulations.

When visiting Uzbekistan, you will need a valid passport, a visa (if required), and air tickets or other documents that confirm your right to enter and exit the country. It is also recommended to keep copies of important documents and store them separately from the originals.

The tour price includes the following:

  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast (double occupancy)
  • Transportation, including excursions and transfers
  • Accompanying guide or local guides
  • Afrosiab train tickets
  • Pilaf master class and dinner in a local family
  • Welcome dinner

Age does not matter

Licensed transport, depends on the number of people

International flight, meals other than those indicated in the program and tips for the guide and driver are not included in the price

Medical insurance is not required, at the request of the tourist, they can take out it independently

No COVID-19 test needed

You only need a foreign passport

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